Azadirachta Indica or Neem

The world of nature closely connects with the world of humans, it does and it should. Nature as an essential element of the world around us is being taken over by the artificial infrastructure but when it does connect, one is able to emote to the beauty of it. Nature and nurture- the two wor(l)ds collide as we engage in discussing health that encompasses social, natural, emotional and mental wellbeing.The taste of the bitter neem leaves or fruits of the plant azadirachta indica leave a revolting experience on the senses. It also has incredible healing qualities that have a function of setting us at ground-zero of our tastes or the lowest level of it. This taste of the bitter awakens us to an interesting thought. This bitterness of neem as opposed to the pleasurable foods that have the flavors of sugar, salt and fat aplenty, not to mention the proteins and fresh vegetation that keeps one in a pleasurable state, a serotonin: this is a contradiction to take on.

The state of the senses is similar -the pleasures of materiality, to that of the emotional, the non-material- one juxtaposes the good from the ugly, the success from the failures and learning on the way.