Thread in Open Waters

Water and Memory are identical in their properties- malleable, transient, ephemeral and transformative. In this work, I use personal video recordings of waters that have moved me over the past decade, releasing these memories from the specificities of time and place and giving importance to the experience of moments. Fleeting instances are activated and brought to the present through the performance of sewing, in a futile effort to pin these moments down. I evoke a sense of the haptic and encourage a suspension of belief, asking the viewer to share in an alternative journey through my memories. The loop in the video enhances a sense of ritual and the cyclical nature of water and time.

Video Assistance: Maeve Jackson

Nirmal Raja is is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Milwaukee. She approaches her practice as a process of sifting and communicating sensations and ideas with varied materials and processes. Conceptually driven and thematic, her work straddles the personal and the political and is a response to lived experiences that are distilled and strengthened by research in the studio and through reading. She examines notions of memory, identity, place and belonging. Performative collaborations with other artists and the larger community have recently become part of her practice. Occasionally, she curates exhibitions and organizes and facilitates situations that articulate moments of connection and empathy.