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We are a group of individuals sharing our thoughts and ideas in the area of health, nutrition, mind-body balance, relationships and more. Making a change toward wellness and knowing what it means to keep doing it consistently is an ongoing process.

Our writers at Choosing Wellness

Svapna Sabnis


Usha Raman

Professor, writer

Crissy Blanos

Interactive Designer

Meena Waghray

Mediator, Lawyer

Nirmal Raja

Visual Artist

Lucky Bommireddy

Marketing & Digital Director 

Jyotsna Vohra

Cancer Researcher

Chitra Rochlani

Personal Trainer

Stacie Goldstein

Social Worker, Psychotherapist

Gita Sinha


Priya Tallam

Architect, Urban Planner

Hema Malini

Immersive Researcher, Editor